4 in 1 Jelly Gift Box 2018

Away with packaging made by cold steel this New Year! Why not reach out for our environmental friendly packaging that has been hand packed with a special touch, filled with warmth by intellectually challenged individuals in hope of gaining independence.

According to the Ministry of Family & Social Development,the prevalence rate of persons with Disabilities in Singapore is 16.7% of resident population 

Our one of a kind sticker is distinctive to our project, where the thumbprints not only represent a human touch but also the hard work that has been put in to ensure that our products reaches you in the best possible condition. Upon closer inspection of our stickers, you will be able to notice our detailed logo imprinted in the background, a protection to keep you and your family healthy throughout this festive period.

Do keep in mind, for every box sold, you will be taking the first step in supporting our act of hiring our intellectually challenged peers. In addition, a certain percentage of our sales profit will also be donated to an appointed charity.


* Each Gift Box includes:

1) Health & Vitality Jelly (10 sachets box) : https://vermiliongrp.com/products/health-vitality-red-ginseng-supplement

2) Joint Health Jelly (10 sachets box) : https://vermiliongrp.com/products/joint-health-glucosamine-supplement

3) Digestive Health Jelly (10 sachets box) : https://vermiliongrp.com/products/digestive-health-probiotics-supplement

4) Eye Health Jelly (10 sachets box) :  https://vermiliongrp.com/products/eye-health-lutein-supplement