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Vermillion Jelly is where Traditional Chinese Medicine meets Western Nutrition.

Functional Food - Supplements in Food Form

Unlike other medicinal supplements, Vermilion Jelly is tasty, tested, and convenient - so you'll never have any issues completing your course. In fact.. you'll be left begging for more!

Certified for your well-being

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★★★★★ - Kevin Ou on our Lutien Eye & Health Jelly

After an eye scare a year ago, I'm not taking any chances. To strengthen my cornea, I've been on a steady diet of @vermilionjelly Lutein Jelly strips. 
Lutein is an essential carotenoid for healthy eyes and is proven to reduce the instance of macular degeneration. Vermillion's jelly strips are a perfect blend of East and West. But I'll let you in on a little secret, I'm actually taking it cos it tastes really good!

Eye Health


★★★★★ - @victoriacheng on our Slim Support Jelly

My body type is naturally curvy. I gained 14kg in a year, then lost 12kg in 6 months. I plateaued for a bit here and there. One thing that helped get over those humps was @vermilionjelly's Slimming jelly supplements. Tried and tested! Usually diet pills/teas etc are all bullshit (I know I'm not the only one who's tried and failed). These Vermilion jellies (all natural using a combo of TCM and western science, developed by two doctors) effectively reduced my appetite and sped up my metabolism, and no addition of caffeine. This is NOT a sponsored or paid post.

Slim support


★★★★★ - @paulfosterrr on our Glucosamine Jelly

Unfortunately I've re-injured my wrist and I have to lay off any training for a while. Thankfully I've got some @vermilionjelly supplements with a prescription of two joint health jelly strips before bed every night. What I really love about this supplement is how it uses both modern Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine in a form of a jelly which is not just tasty (sometimes difficult to achieve with natural herbs) but also super easy to consume. This is super perfect for those of you who struggle to swallow pills, equally effective for children and the elderly!!! They have an awesome health range to aid joint support, digestion, vitality and slimming, to help us holistically.

Glucosamine Joint Health

A premium health supplement

Lovingly crafted by 2 homegrown doctor brothers

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